Fabulous at 50..

February 1, 2018


The elixir of youthful life, what's the secret..?

Face creams, peels, fillers, face lifts, pull me in pants, lift me up bra's, suck me in here and move it around to there,  what's the next miracle diet, drop a stone in a day,  and the list goes on and on and on...Ahhhhh...


So what is the big secret.......!!


How do I see it... what keeps me young..

Love and Happiness, it is that simple, love yourself inside and out, love the soul that dwells deep within your heart..and find happiness in the simple things...a kiss, a hug, a smile, a laugh...

Love yourself enough to look after the body, feed it good wholesome food, get it moving everyday, dance, sing, laugh.....

Feed the mind, read books, give it knowledge, drown it with positive thoughts and dream big.....

Be bold love yourself enough that there is enough to share with others..so when the world feels like it's falling apart that love you gave out comes right back at you, just when you need it the most.....

Be happy send the vibration out into the world, and attract the happy people in.. so in sad times they help you laugh again..


So my big secret, be the happiest, lovable version of you that you can be....

Not for anyone else but for that Godess/God that Is...... YOU.

Be Love..❤







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