New Year Resolution

January 18, 2018

 Resolution definition " A firm decision to do or not do something"

Start of every New Year we set our New Year Resolution, usually alcohol free for a month, no more chocolate, get fitter, drop a stone .

The majority of the time it is  about taking something out of our lives and we set it with unreasonable deadlines or goals, like in 1 week , 1 month...  and low and behold we break our promise, we  yearn for the forbidden food, eat it, feel guilt,  so eat more..then get disappointed when the weight we promised ourselves we would lose in the month doesnt happen...

In yoga we set Intentions " an aim or a plan" but mostly something that will enhance your life ....and add on ... so rather than denying the food group or alcohol we look at it in a positive slant and we set the intention to add more fruit and vegetables to our diet... Rather than getting fitter, getting to the gym, hitting the treadmill..hating it...look at doing something you love, gets you moving  dancing, walking, trampoline fitness, aerial, polefitness.. etc..something  you love doing and you are more likely to stick to ... weight loss follows, health improves and no time limit set as it just becomes the addition to your lifestyle...

Try it....its liberating.....


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