My 1rst Yoga Class

July 17, 2016

How we find ourselves sitting for the first time on our mat in our first Yoga class, can be for numerous and varied reasons...just to get fit maybe to get more stretchy, could be curiosity, or coaxed in by a friend, advised by the professional to help manage the niggles in life, stress out, sleep better the list goes on....for me it felt more like fate had a hand to play in it and ended up in my first class by mistake.

  I was in my 20's turned up at the local open adult project day, went in thinking I was going sign up for 6 weeks of art and low and behold something made me change my mind at the last minute and signed up for Yoga instead...I remember being very nervous and not knowing what to expect, I shouldn't have worried, the teacher was like the most chilled laidback and welcoming person I'd meet. Instantly at ease, I sat down and looked around the room transfixed by the variety of people in the class..,, older, younger, male, female, fit , frail and the list went on. So the announcement was the  class would start with a breathing practice... I remember thinking "really I know how to Breathe" lol...and so the journey of the class and the  poses continued for and hour and a half...I came out of that first class "hooked" I loved how my whole body felt, how calm I was and that was no mean feat cause  back then I was a bit of a firecracker..

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