Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

And this is what is happening next..

Who'd have thought it...not me 2 years ago.

2 years ago I was searching for something, couldn't put my finger on it, I just didn't know what I wanted, what directions my career was going, what my purpose was, what was my role in life...I was lost..

2 years on, a year dedicated to self study through the 300 hour Seasonal yoga teacher training programme in Glasgow...

2 years on..I get the chance to offer Teacher training in Stirling.. I have a new focus, a new purpose and I cannot wait to get started and share my experience with the next generation of Yoga Teachers..

So 2 years on..anything is possible, everything is possible...namaste.

The elixir of youthful life, what's the secret..?

Face creams, peels, fillers, face lifts, pull me in pants, lift me up bra's, suck me in here and move it around to there,  what's the next miracle diet, drop a stone in a day,  and the list goes on and on and on...Ahhhhh...

So what is the big secret.......!!

How do I see it... what keeps me young..

Love and Happiness, it is that simple, love yourself inside and out, love the soul that dwells deep within your heart..and find happiness in the simple things...a kiss, a hug, a smile, a laugh...

Love yourself enough to look after the body, feed it good wholesome food, get it moving everyday, dance, sing, laugh.....

Feed the mind, read books, give it knowledge, drown it with positive thoughts and dream big.....

 Resolution definition " A firm decision to do or not do something"

Start of every New Year we set our New Year Resolution, usually alcohol free for a month, no more chocolate, get fitter, drop a stone .

The majority of the time it is  about taking something out of our lives and we set it with unreasonable deadlines or goals, like in 1 week , 1 month...  and low and behold we break our promise, we  yearn for the forbidden food, eat it, feel guilt,  so eat more..then get disappointed when the weight we promised ourselves we would lose in the month doesnt happen...

In yoga we set Intentions " an aim or a plan" but mostly something that will enhance your life ....and add on ... so rather than denying the food group or alcohol we look at it in a positi...

How we find ourselves sitting for the first time on our mat in our first Yoga class, can be for numerous and varied reasons...just to get fit maybe to get more stretchy, could be curiosity, or coaxed in by a friend, advised by the professional to help manage the niggles in life, stress out, sleep better the list goes on....for me it felt more like fate had a hand to play in it and ended up in my first class by mistake.

  I was in my 20's turned up at the local open adult project day, went in thinking I was going sign up for 6 weeks of art and low and behold something made me change my mind at the last minute and signed up for Yoga instead...I remember being very nervous and not knowing what to expect, I shouldn't have worried, the...

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